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The Little Black Dress Project

You deserve to feel your best. Our 6 week program will empower you to feel confident in your own skin. Now is the time to rock that little black dress!


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Success Guide

Our Success Guide is a comprehensive outline that breaks down the program details. The checklist makes it easy to jump right in and get started! We've included 12 tips for success to ensure you get the results you're looking for.

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Workout Guide

6 week workout plan with demo videos to accommodate ALL fitness types! Our guide is loaded with attainable information on how to train smart! Our workouts are fast and effective which accommodate your busy lifestyle. They can be done with minimal equipment at home, in the gym or even while traveling. You will have 2-3 cardio circuits and 2 strength days each week to rev up your metabolism and build lean muscle.

Resting After Workout

Exclusive Facebook Group

Access to our private FB group where you will find support, motivation and daily resources! This is a great accountability tool. Leslie and I will be adding in lots of helpful content each week to keep you motivated!

Gym Equipments

Discount Codes

Being part of the LBD project has its perks! Enjoy discounts from some of our favorite retailers.

Healthy Salad

Nutrition Guide

This is our go to guide for all things nutrition. Learn how to feed your body with nutrient-dense foods that will make you feel your best! We've included over 50 deliciously healthy recipes that are quick and easy. We've even added a whole section of quick go-to's for when life gets busy. 

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Little Black Dress Project

Starts Monday November 21st

  • Weekly workouts 

  • Success Manual

  • Workout Manual

  • Recipe Guide 

  • Private FB Group

  • Daily Health and Fitness Tips

  • Exclusive Discount Product Codes 


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