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Get Back On Track

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Chances are that during certain times in your life you were more consistent at adhering

to a fitness routine then others. This is completely normal, and if you figure out how to

deal with this, you will receive the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

Setting goals and your lifestyle routine are most important when building a successful,

regular exercise routine.

Life happens and unexpected events arise that you have no control over. Having a

program in place that can flex around these issues will help you stay on track.

To make exercise a regular habit, implement some of the following techniques.

Write Down Your Routine

Writing out your routine mentally prepares you for what you need to accomplish each

day. To start somewhere you must take action. Provide yourself with small action items

to complete each day. You can talk and think about what you would like to accomplish,

but until you act, you won’t get very far.

Don’t get stuck comparing your routine to others. Instead maybe find a workout buddy

who has similar goals and fitness levels. This way you can motivate and push one

another. Everyone starts somewhere and if you compare or try to reach someone else’s

potential you will never reach yours.

Set Short Term Goals

Everyone has an end goal and a picture in their mind of where they want to be.

Unfortunately, the end goal does not happen overnight. Avoid only considering one

big-long term goal.

Once you write down all your goals, separate them into small daily accomplishments.

These are what lead up to the end goal. If you set a goal of losing 100 pounds and you

don’t lose 100 pounds within a few months of working hard, you could easily become


To stay motivated, set smaller goals of losing 10 pounds per month to achieve your

long-term goal over time. Achieving those goals and recognizing that you are losing

weight will keep you much more motivated.

Short Workouts

Starting with shorter workouts will help eliminate burn out. Begin with 30-minute

workouts and build up to longer ones. The last thing you want to do is start off too hard

and too fast. This will lead to you falling off track. This is a huge part of the “I’m all in”

mentality that can burn out.

It's not smart to start an exercise program with the mentality that you need to go

100mph right away. The most important part to building an exercise habit is focusing on

the habit itself first—start exercising. Then worrying about the goals later—exercising to

lose weight or build muscle. You cannot achieve any fitness goals or results without

being consistent.

If you have the mentality that you must be all in and not miss a single workout, you are

setting yourself up for failure. There will come a time where you feel tired, sore, and

fatigued. Times will arise where you can’t get your workout in or you need to cut your

workout short. This is where preparation and attitude play a huge part.

Positive Attitude

Preparing to deal with negative situations in a positive way will set you up for success.

Changing the way you respond to negative situations will help you stay motivated. This

leads to more of a sense of accomplishment.

Set Rewards

Having a reward for every workout completion helps push you on the days you don’t

feel motivated. Everyone has days where they’d rather not workout. This is why

discovering motivation from within is important. Remind yourself why you started rather

than just your physique goals. This is what helps you continue living a healthy lifestyle.

If you want to go out with friends on the weekend, tell yourself you can’t until you

complete your daily workout. If you want to watch a TV show, commit to making a

healthy dinner first.

Set a Schedule

One of the most important things to remember is that failure to plan sets you up for

disappointment. When getting back into your routine, add your workouts and healthy

habits into your personal schedule. If your workouts don’t fit into and around your job,

family life, school, and other life factors then you won’t stick to it. Working your goals

into your schedule will bring greater success.

You can always reach out to me if you need help with goal setting or creating a routine

that is organized.

Committed to your success,

Chelsie Woncheck

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